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Thuraya Brand

Thuraya XT
The only satellite phone to meet the most demanding criteria for splash resistance, dust resistance and shock proofing, Thuraya XT combines its unparalleled phone functionality with the dependability of the Thuraya satellite network. Thuraya XT is ideal for users who operate in remote areas and harsh environments where local networks are unreliable.

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Thuraya XT-Dual
The Thuraya XT-DUAL is a combination of a GSM and satellite phone that comes with splash water and dust protection and is shock proof The dual mode capability is designed for those who travel the world and need a network connection wherever they go It conveniently uses either a GSM or a Thuraya satellite network and cleverly shifts between them upon available

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Thuraya Fixed Docker
Fixed Docking Unit - XT The FDU-XT is a home and office docking adapter that allows you to use the Thuraya XT phones in an indoor setting. Simply connect the FDU-XT with the antennas; then dock your

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